Robin Mason loved to inspire. She radiated enthusiasm.

She produced a primetime PBS astronomy documentary and an award-winning teacher guide to excite kids about science and history. And she supported the arts, music in particular. Music was at the core of Robin's life. She married a composer. But after a brave fight with cancer, she was taken from us — far too soon.

Listening to music in her final years, Robin felt transported to a better world. She wanted to share this beauty in the intimate setting of her own home which she and her husband, Juilliard alumni Todd Mason, had recently remodeled for that purpose. Her hope was to create a place where music could resonate and live forever. Your donation to this fund helps keep Robin’s dream alive.

The Mason Home Concert Series presents professional ensembles with exceptional talent. Guests and artists enjoy getting to know one another during the post-concert receptions.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”

- Ludwig van Beethoven


Robin Mason Chamber Music Fund

Mason Home Concerts

Your donations (non-tax deductible) make these concerts possible.

Special thanks to the following major donors:

Ethel Phipps, William and Won Bucher, David Hill, Liz and Phil Hogan, Craig and Anthea Hogan, Greg and Audrey Melton, Ann & Rick Madden, John and Nicky Stodder, Mark Stodder, Seth Stodder, Bruce Babcock, Richard and Diana Dyer, Sheridan Mitchell, Donald Nicholson, Eve Perara, Clara Kim, and Joann Whang.

Mason Home Concerts